tar Ignoring out-of-order file What Does that Mean?

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at otenet.gr
Wed Oct 31 03:10:47 PDT 2007

Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	I need to modify the first installation image for a
> headless installation of Freebsd6.2. The file in question is:
> 6.2-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso
> 	Thanks to a helpful member of the list, I found out that
> tar works on unpacking these images and it mostly does on this
> one, but there is a  complaint I get from tar that I haven't
> found on other images. If I do a
> tar tvf 6.2-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso
> Here is what happens while looking at the contents list:
> 0       44232 Jan 12  2007 RELNOTES.HTM lr-xr-xr-x  1 0      0
> 0 Jan 12  2007 stand -> /rescue lr-xr-xr-x  1 0      0           0
> Jan 12  2007 sys -> usr/src/systar: Ignoring out-of-order file
> -r--r--r--  1 0      0       22916 Jan 12  2007 RELNOTES.TXT
> It appears that the entire image unpacks except for the
> ignored file. If one tries the extraction with
> tar xf 6.2-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso
> The complaint about the out-of-order file is the only indication
> that anything is wrong.
> 	In looking at the man page for tar, nothing jumps out at
> me  as to how to end up with the proper file structure that
> mkisofs can put back in to an image to put on a CDROM.
> 	My thanks for any suggestions as I may be needing to do
> one of these installs in a day or so and it would be nice to
> know that all the image is there.
> Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
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> OSU Information Technology Department Network Operations Group
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This is probably not a direct answer to your question, but might be helpful:

ISO images can be mounted as filesystems. In linux you would do
something like mount -o loop /path/to/your.iso   /path/to/mnt
In FreeBSD, you would need to create a memory disk and mount it, i.e.

mdconfig -a -f /path/to/your.iso

(response) md0

mount -t cd9660 /dev/md0  /path/to/mnt

you can then copy the files, and modify what you need.
In order to make boot CDs again,  you would need to use cdrecord with
suitable options, which I don't remember by heart.

BUT, you may look at the instructions on the following page:


there are instructions to create a bootable DVD from FreeBSD cdroms, and
I can confirm the procedure works perfectly.

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