Migrating a file system with minimal downtime

Daniel Eriksson daniel_k_eriksson at telia.com
Tue Oct 30 08:15:17 PDT 2007

I want to migrate a file system containing multiple jails from a small
drive to a large (RAID-1) array. I want to do this with minimal

Simply shutting down the jails and using dump/restore to move the file
system takes too long, but what if I do it in several steps like this:

1. "dump -0 -L -f - /usr/jails | restore -rf -" to dump the live file
system at level 0
2. shut down the jails
3. unmount the original file system
4. "dump -1 -f - /usr/jails | restore -rf -" to dump any changes since
the first dump
5. remount the new file system in the proper location
6. restart the jails

This should work, right? Or am I missing something? (One of the jails is
a mysql server, the rest are www servers.)

/Daniel Eriksson

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