Newby Question: What to do when one port can't recognize another port?

james oscartheduck at
Tue Oct 30 07:08:01 PDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-10-29 at 15:54 -0700, Jeff D wrote:
> I've decided to try to build up my 1st FreeBSD server.
> Reading the Handbook is mostly helpful, but I' getting hit with a couple of
> problems I can't figure out.
> I was looking for a beginner's list.  I think this is the closest to it.
> The main reason I'm trying out FreeBSD is because I want to set up my own
> web server, and the Ports seemed liked a way to do it that manages conflicts
> & dependencies better even that Linux systems.  Not being much of a program
> guy, that sounds good to me!
> When I try to install the Apache port in /usr/ports/www/apache22, it errors
> out with
> Unknown Berkeley DB version
> After checking on the Oracle site, I made sure to install the latest, most
> up to date /usr/ports/databases/db46 port.  It seems to have worked and I
> can use it in other ports.
> I'm not sure where to turn next.
> Anybody got some advice to share?

What version of the operating system are you using?
When did you last update your ports tree?

These're both important for us to know.

But, you should know that apache on FreeBSD is fantastic. I tried
getting it configured once on Ubuntu; that was a harsh, harsh
experience. Weird custom configuration files in weird locations.

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