Firefox crashing

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Tue Oct 30 04:42:48 PDT 2007

2007/10/30, Frederic Chardon <chardon.frederic at>:
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> > Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 12:43:02 +0000
> > Subject: Firefox crashing
> > Hey, I have recently gotten FreeBSD working for the first time ever. I am
> > very happy with it, however there are a few things I have having trouble
> > getting to work, firefox is my main issue atm, it got installed along with
> > Gnome 2.20 as you would expect however when I tried to run it nothing
> > happened, now while I am new to FreeBSD I am not new to *Nix systems, so I
> > used a tip I picked up from adjusting portupgrade to use BDB4 and ran 'make
> > config' in the firefox ports directory, I enabled logging and debug etc just
> > to see if it could provide any useful output as to what might be the cause
> > of firefox crashing. It worked, and attached is the log of what happens when
> > I try to start Firefox.
> >
> > I am cvsup'ing now and will try recompiling firefox again, see if that makes
> > a difference, but I have been playing with FreeBSD all week and not gotten
> > Firefox to work yet.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Niadh
> Hello
> I had problems also to get firefox running, maybe it will help:
> first of all, firefox is very sensitive to optimization options and I
> had to keep conservative flags in make.conf (never had a crash during
> compilation but impossible to launch later)
> second, there is a problem of ownership: the first time you launch it,
> it creates a directory in home directory, but since the directory
> owner is root you don't have read-write access and can't launch as
> user. Try to sudo the first launch to see if it works, if it does
> chmod rw the home/.firefox directory to user (not sure about the name
> of directory, I'm not on my machine now). Maybe the directory is
> created under /root, you must move it to home and chmod it. It worked
> for me, hope it helps.
> Fred
I meant chown, but I'm sure you corrected yourself ;-)


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