OEM and Trademark license for Java on FreeBSD -- Freebsd_Sun_Info@sun.com no longer valid?

Pj Malloy thepudds1460 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 24 21:53:52 PDT 2007


Short version
Does anyone know to what email address at Sun I should send my questions regarding the Diablo FreeBSD JRE?

Longer version
Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

I have some questions regarding the OEM and Trademark license for Java on FreeBSD.  I initially sent my email inquiry to  Freebsd_Sun_Info at sun.com, as stated in the FreeBSD Foundation Java Download page
   (http://www.freebsdfoundation.org/downloads/java.shtml), but  that Freebsd_Sun_Info at sun.com email address does not appear to be valid --  the email I sent to that address bounced.

The Freebsd_Sun_Info at sun.com email  address is specifically called out in Diablo FreeBSD OEM Java license that is  listed here:

That license text states we (a) must obtain a Trademark License from Sun, and depending on the exact field of use, we (b) might need to get a commercial license from Sun.  That license text directs me to Freebsd_Sun_Info at sun.com to get more information for both (a) and (b). That email address doesn't work, so now I'm wondering what to do next...  I called Sun Sales, but they did not know what I was talking about...

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