[freebsd-questions] easiest way to install CPAN on FreeBSD

Aliya Harbouri aliyaharbouri at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 15:34:45 PDT 2007

Hi Howie,

> What does CPANPLUS do that CPAN doesn't that makes this a better
> solution? Does it somehow integrate with the ports better? (rather than
> getting conflicts between p5-* and bsdpan-*)
> I use quite a lot of CPAN modules, so a way to be able to get 'obscure'
> modules, and still use portupgrade effectively would be good :-)

It's been made pretty clear to me by a number of folks that p5* ports
have "no responsibility" for keeping track of
dependencies/conflicts/whatever with NON p5*- installed modules.

I'm sure there are a lot of really experienced folks around here who
have NO problems with p5*-based systems.

For me, though, I can only say that I never quite figured out how to
make those annoying, not-infrequent conflicts go away -- EXECPT to
move to a "vanilla" CPAN/CPANPLUS (doesn't much matter, actually --
*these* two *do* play nice together) system.  Once I removed/replaced
all the FreeBSD BSDPAN- & p5- installed modules, all my conflicts have
gone away.

As "they" say, YMMV.



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