the right next step?

Aliya Harbouri aliyaharbouri at
Wed Oct 24 07:39:23 PDT 2007

Hi John!

> Does your PR include a fix?

Well, I've sent my suggestion to the maintainer -- I don't know if
it's the *right* fix for the general port.  But, it works for me as a

For what it's worth, in this particular case, I've simply asked that
the www/apache22 port be made compatible with (aware of?) the now
standard, port-installed Berkeley DB version 4.6.

> If it does, make some noise about it on the freebsd-ports mailing list and
> include the PR number and the fact that you've not heard back from the
> maintainer.

Ok, Thanks.

> If it doesn't, you might still want to bring it up on -ports, but getting it
> fixed depends on someone volunteering to take ownership of the problem (if
> not outright maintainership of the port).

Well, I guess I'll just have to see.

Seems to me that apache22 + bdb46, both being in the ports tree and
both being rather 'popular', that *someone* else would be interested
as well.  But, apparently, not (yet).

Thanks a lot!


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