Dual Routers

Josh Paetzel josh at tcbug.org
Sun Oct 21 11:22:09 PDT 2007

lysergius2001 wrote:
> Thanks.
> Sort of.  I would still like to use the ethernet connection to connect to
> both the adsl modem and my internal network which uses fixed ip addresses,
> and have option to use the wireless connection via cable modem to the
> internet.  Does that make sense?

Since they are both using dhcp, your ability to use dhcp to configure
the interfaces is limited solely by the configurability of the dhcp
servers. In general most out of the box consumer routers hand out a
default route and there's not a lot you can do about that, which means
that whichever interface runs dhclient last will get the default
route...although you can do some magic with dhclient hooks to get
around that.

But assuming you bring up em0 on and ath0 on and set the default route to you can switch
over to using the wireless/cable as your path to the internet by doing
a route delete default, route add default

To use both connections simultaniously you are going to want to look
in to using pf's route-to and reply-to statements.

I have extensive experience using FreeBSD with multiple WAN links and
what is and is not possible with them...if you send along a detailed
explanation of what you are trying to accomplish I can help you get


Josh Paetzel
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