xorg install problem

AN andy at neu.net
Sun Oct 21 07:44:29 PDT 2007

I am trying to install a new system with Gnome and xorg on 7.0 beta 1. 
Here are the steps I have taken:

install 6.2 release
cvsup to releng_7 as of 10/21/07
buildworld -sucessful
installworld -sucessful
reboot into 7.0 beta
set packagesite to ft2.nl.freebsd.org
pkg_add xorg-7.3_1 - fails with message:

1 package addition failed
pkg_add of dependency 'xorg-apps-7.3' failed
1 package addition failed

I have used this procedure for a long time to install new systems, is it 
broken now because of the status of the new 7.0 release or am I having 
another problem?

What is the proper procedure to get a system with:

fbsd 7.0 beta
xorg 7.3

Any help is appreciated.


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