FreeBSD and barracudas

Philip M. Gollucci philip at
Fri Oct 19 11:25:43 PDT 2007

Hi All,

I've got a Barracuda 340
and some FreeBSD 6.2-release systems

I'm attempting to setup DSR (Direct Server Returns)

Firewall -> Switch ---- WAN Barracuda LAN --
                    /\                      \/
	           |                        |

The computers are Dell PowerEdge 860s (dual nics) and
on Barracudas docs and recommendations, I've got only nic 0
plugged into the above switch.

I've setup up a non-ARPing loopback
ifconfig lo netmask -arp alias

I can now telnet 80 (from the box and see a httpd response)

The problem is the barracuda can not get to it.  I actually don't see 
any reason why it should.  Its supposed to merely rewrite the MAC to one 
of the 'Real Servers' when it receives a request for a VIP (Virtual IP).

DNS:,, class C)

Barracdua WAN:
Barracuda LAN: N/A in DSR mode.
Real Server 1:
Real Server 2: 192.168.t0.51

According to the docs, the netmask needs to include everything, so I've 
tried instead of in the above ifconfig.

I've been in contact with Barracuda directly and was lucky enough to get 
someone in IT that likes FreeBSD.

We gave up on Route-Path mode, which I tried first.

Is there something Networking/FreeBSD specific that we/I have overlooked ?

If anyone has any ideas, I am onsite at the data center for the rest of 


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