what's happening with xorg?

Gary Kline kline at tao.thought.org
Tue Oct 16 15:47:22 PDT 2007

	I'm in the middle of a portupgrade -aP, and saw that the newest
	mga driver is installed.
	So I did another X -configure, moved the file to
	/etc/X11/xorg.conf and carefully tried out the new
	xf86-video-mga-1.9.100..  The screen is much brighter at the
	resolution is good, but the brightness is still very dingy
	compared to the "vesa" driver.  There is nothing wrong with my
	CRT; on the other KVM connections (and/or) with the vesa driver 
	at 800x600, the screen is completely bright.  Is there some other
	"ati" driver yet to finish?  



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