Dual Routers

Derek Ragona derek at computinginnovations.com
Tue Oct 16 13:53:52 PDT 2007

At 03:01 PM 10/16/2007, lysergius2001 wrote:
>Is it possible to run two routers?  I have an ADSL modem and a
>wireless router  The both are accessed using dhcp.  I would
>like to be able to switch from one the the other, or have both available.
>Is this possible?

Just as an informational note, you can now get combined units that have 
both the ADSL and wireless together in one unit.  I have one from 
Netopia.  The unit I have also allows for multiple wireless subnets and 
each can have their own security, so if you have to run WEP for tivo you 
can do so on a separate wireless subnet.


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