IPv6 Display - Multiple Applications

Michael K. Smith - Adhost mksmith at adhost.com
Tue Oct 16 13:37:15 PDT 2007

Hello All:

I'm curious if there is any timeline for the correct display of IPv6
addresses in various displays.  In particular, I'm interested in being
able to see a full address in 'who' and 'netstat' so I can track
connections to the server.  Presently, the display shows:

[mksmith at slinky ~]$ who
mksmith          ttyp0    Oct 16 13:26 (2001:468:1420:f:)

[mksmith at slinky ~]$ netstat -a
Active Internet connections (including servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q  Local Address          Foreign Address
tcp6       0     52  www6.ssh               2001:468:1420:f:.52619

The full address includes another 64 bits or the whole host portion.  Is
this a bug, something in progress, or by design?



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