1 TB data copy

Monah Baki mbaki at whywire.net
Fri Oct 12 05:49:50 PDT 2007

Hi all,

We have a windows 2003 server and 1 freebsd 6.2 server. The 2003 server
supports USB 1 while the freebsd supports usb 2.
We went and purchased an external 1 TB usb 2 harddrive.
Our objective is to copy 700GB worth of data from the windows to the freebsd
server then take the external harddive to a remote client who runs windows
2003 and then copy the data back to the windows server.
The throughput of copying the data from windows to the usb attached to it
was ridiculous, more than 12 hours to copy 60GB of data.
I tried copying a 1GB file from windows to the usb attached to the freebsd
and it took less than 5 minutes, but ofcourse when I tried to mount the
usb back to the windows box I could not see the 1GB file that I copied.
How can use the freebsd as the destination copy since it has a much better
throughput and at the same time have the windows box see the 600GB file
that was copied once I attach the usb harddrive to it.


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