Installing freeBSD on an Intel RAID5 partition

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Oct 10 13:06:44 PDT 2007

On Wed, Oct 10, 2007 at 03:35:54PM +0800, nodje wrote:

> I couldn't find any answer to the question.The problem is that the installer
> shows up all the disks instead of proposing to install somewhere on the
> RAID5 partition, in other words, it just doesn't recognize the RAID5.
> Is it possible at all to install freeBSD on one of those RAID??
> I've found out that this is also a problem with the few linux distros I've
> tried. I've heard it was possible now but I'm a little bit surprised by the
> slow adoption I must say.

I had something look similar to that on a Dell 2950.
It put out lots of lines for each separate drive including a device 
controler name.   But I had to dig through the boot messages carefully 
to find a device name for the raid controller.  But, it was there.  Once
I found it, things went just fine.  I may have done something manually
with fdisk or maybe dd to the raid device before getting things to
be happy.  I don't remember exactly.

Unfortunately, I had to load Susie 10 Linux on it so I can't look back
right now.  It also would have been a Dell Perc something, probably 5.
So, the device name might be different from the Intel.

But, keep searching.


> I've been using those Intel RAID with Windows for a couple of years now and
> it really helped solve my backup problem.
> I think this is simply great, no worries of data loss anymore (at least
> coming from hardware failure).

Well, it is possible to get multiple failures that trash a raid too.
So, make some independant backups of important stuff.

> -nodje
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