why GUI screen not showing, after installing kde-3.5.4.tbz

williamkow williamkow at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 9 19:05:39 PDT 2007

I'm new to FreeBSD, recently I have installed the FreeBSD6.2-Release 
onto my old Pentium II machine with 192MB memory.
After successfully installed FreeBSD, I mount to /cdrom contain Disk2 of 
FreeBSD, then goto x11 and run command
# pkg_add kde-3.5.4.tbz
and the system start to install, and when finished, system show # sign, 
and then
# shutdown -h now
then restart the computer, as usual, it will ask for login, I login as 
root, but then the screen do not show KDE graphic screen (GUI)
How can I activate this GUI ?

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