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Gary Kline kline at tao.thought.org
Mon Oct 8 14:24:11 PDT 2007

On Mon, Oct 08, 2007 at 06:45:01PM +0100, Bruce Cran wrote:
> Gary Kline wrote:
> >	Last question for today.  Well,  hopefullly.  Is bonnie++
> >	the only meeans of testing a hard drive?  I thought thre was
> >	something you had to put on a floppy to be able to test more
> >	thoroughly.
> >	This had been "awhile ago"... maybe ~5 years.
> >
> >	thanks, people,
> >
> >	gary
> >
> All recent drives support SMART - to test a drive you can install 
> sysutils/smartmontools and use smartctl to run a test e.g
> smartctl -t long /dev/ad0
> There are various different tests you can run, including surface tests, 
> online and offline etc.

	Well sir,

	Endless thanks due here!  These are utilities that I will print
	and study the man pages to, &c.   bonnie++ ran last night and very
	heavily loaded the system; it came up clean.  I'm now running the
	second (every-4-hours) smartctl test.  The first run that you 
	sugggested above also showed no errors.  Great that these
	utilities work with SCSI because that will be my next install on
	my DNS server.  Meanwhile, I've added this to my
	sysadmin-knowledge-base kit.


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