Jails and freebsd-update

Vinny vinny-mail-01+f.questions20071007 at palaceofretention.ca
Sun Oct 7 15:34:33 PDT 2007

Hi All,

I'm setting up a server for mail and web.  I want to
put each in their own jail on a host system.  I have installed
6.2-Release on the host and successfully used freebsd-update
to grab up to -p8.  So far so good.

Now, I was going to install the jails using the standard
way (man jail):

cd /usr/src
mkdir -p $JAIL
make world DESTDIR=$JAIL
make distribution DESTDIR=$JAIL

and so forth.

But then it occurred to me that freebsd-update says
it only works on installations that haven't been
built from source.

My question then is how can I use freebsd-update with

Thanks for any help.


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