what kind of UPS will work best?

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Sat Oct 6 18:33:18 PDT 2007

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Hi Folks,
> 	Recently, a storm happened and the power surge blew me 
> 	off-line.  Time to get serious about buying a UPS that will
> 	handle my four main servers for at-most, a 10-second power
> 	outage.  After that, shut down my computers.  It took me 90 
> 	minutes of up and down and crawling around last time.  That's
> 	the *why*.  Is there a best type to save me from this? 

APC makes GREAT UPS's and have good support.  I once blew out an APC by 
miswiring a switch on a computer (don't ask).  I called tech support, 
they agreed that what I told them had happened shouldn't have happened, 
and shipped me a new UPS for free, without any hassle.  From that point 
on, I swore I'd go APC first.

> Do any of
> 	these power supplies come with scripts to shutdown a Unix {or
> 	Linux} computer?  

Not that I know of...there's daemons you can install for that purpose, 

>Is there a UPS that is designed for heavy use 
> 	and a very short (5- to 10-second) uptime?  

Generally you need to add up your power requirements and match the load 
to the UPS's power rating.

>I'll need one that can
> 	interface thru the COM ports or the UBS port, if that is how
> 	these devices work. 

Today it's common to have a USB interface.

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