[Solution] Unfixing Window NT's fixboot

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Sat Oct 6 13:03:57 PDT 2007

    I was trying to do the following to see if I could alleviate some 
problems booting XP to copying over all of my files from NTFS partitions 
to UFS partitions on the same machine:

    My layout for my slices are as follows:

    s1: FreeBSD
    s2: FreeBSD (extra)
    s3: XP (temporary)

1. Popped in XP CD.
2. Chose the 'recover shell' option.
3. Hit fixboot.

    fixboot claimed the slice 1 was corrupted (didn't know what to think 
of the UFS formatted slice ;)..), and then proceeded to 'fix it' on its 
own accord.
    The install was hosed so I had to reinstall XP. When I booted it up 
and took a look at Disk Management I noticed that there was 10MB of 
reserved FAT space, and it was globbing it all into slice 1's space, but 
denoted it as a FAT partition (surprise, surprise).
    I booted up a full install CD though, mounted a known 
slice/partition and all my data was still there!
    After doing a bit of research I couldn't find a definitive solution 
for my little problem, but being adventurous I tried using fdisk -B 
/dev/[disk_num], and everything appears to be back the way it should!

    Hopefully this helps someone else with a similar issue :).

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