FreeBsd e-mail question

Lisa Casey lisa at
Wed Oct 3 13:43:20 PDT 2007


I'm running Sendmail and Qpopper on FreeBsd. (And perhaps I ought to be 
asking  this on the Qpopper list, but hopefully someone here knows an 
answer). We have all of our mailboxes in mbox format in /var/mail. When a 
customer pops his mail for the first time it creates a file .username.pop in 
/var/mail which never goes away, it remains as a zero byte file. It's quite 
useful as we can tell from the timestamp on it when the customer last popped 
his mail.

The problem comes in when a customer cancels his account. We remove users by 
rmuser username. That command removes the user from the password file, 
removes his home directory and removes the mailspool. What it doesn't do is 
to remove the .username.pop file associated with that mailbox. This isn't a 
problem unless we add another account with the same username. The new 
account cannot pop his mail because he gets the following  error messge:

-ERR [SYS/PERM] Temporary drop /var/mail/.jjvc.pop not owned by jjvc.

If I take a look at /var/mail/.jjvc.pop it isn't owned by anyone, the 
ownership of the file is the group number of the original jjvc.

-rw-rw----   1 1473             mail                     0 Sep 11 19:15 

Is there anyway to have rmuser remover the mail drop file associated with 
that account also, or am I just going to have to remove these manually?


Lisa Casey

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