stability of FreeBSD 7 Beta 3?

Kris Kennaway kris at
Wed Nov 28 02:20:27 PST 2007

Chris wrote:
> On 26/11/2007, Kris Kennaway <kris at> wrote:
>> Of course not :P  What are the PR references?
>>> Try this.
>>> Login to twice on ssh.
>>> If not root su both to root.
>>> using the 2nd tty do a watch -W on the first tty.
>>> on the first tty type 'killall watch'
>>> you have now crashed freebsd 7 and most probably a auto reboot timer
>>> is counting down.
>> I can confirm this.
>>> Even typing reboot to reboot the server causes page faults.
>> But not this.
>> Kris
> Hi Kris
> is the watch report
> for the reboot
> The reboot stopped crashing when I recompiled world using -O I have
> however seen it on other servers crashing on -O binaries its not
> consistent like the watch problem but its on numerous servers I seen
> the problem on.

Unfortunately both of these are not high quality PR submissions, which 
is probably why no action has been taken yet.  At least in the first one 
you give a "how to repeat" that I was able to follow, but in general 
when you encounter a panic you should be providing the backtrace and/or 
other debugging information requested here:

The second PR is basically null as written since it cannot be reproduced 
and no debugging information was submitted.  If you are interested in 
proceeding with it, please reproduce and obtain the necessary kernel 
debugging.  Otherwise we should close it.

Does the patch I sent you solve the first problem?


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