how to compile and install a new driver

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Wed Nov 28 02:03:25 PST 2007

Chuck Robey wrote:

> Nice description, but you'd better include enough info so that they 
> could make FreeBSD-stype diffs: diff has the unfortunate default of 
> making an output that is compatible with ed(1).  This supplies 
> extremely little information to use, in case the file you're trying to 
> patch with that diff has changed, and is also damned hard for mere 
> humans to understand.   There are two other options you can give to 
> diff that change the format: -c gives "context" diffs, and -u gives 
> "unified" diffs, and the -u is the option that is standard with FreeBSD.

It's not FreeBSD's default, it's POSIX's and has been the default 
behaviour of diff since forever (i.e. before -c or -u had even been 
invented); it is also the default behaviour of diff on every version of 
Linux I've ever used as well and probably every unix-like box you can 
get your hands on.  Backwards compatibility *is* a wonderful thing.

-u is a newbie to the diff world of options and is the strongly 
*preferred* way of providing patches, and probably not just for 
FreeBSD.  It's generally the easiest for humans to read and the best for 
general use, though -c isn't that hard either and can sometimes be 
easier to comprehend.


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