Getting around ISP SMTP firewall settings (Re: Submitting a new port if send-pr is broken)

Michael C. Cambria mcc at
Tue Nov 27 08:28:03 PST 2007

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>> [deleted]
>> Don't know but a dime is too much right now (I am personally living on
>> $15/mo once the rent, food and connectivity is paid for [the wonders
>> of a startup with no investors]).   That is one reason why colo is not
>> possible... yes I understand most of the hassles involved since I was
>> the head sysadmin for a full service ISP in a former life (mid to late
>> 90's).
> Well, I think your stuck paying money for a service, but there are
> some cheap ones out there.
> This guy is pretty cheap:
> This one is free - if you can deal with UUCP and the LD charges
> to access with it:
I have a similar "virtual company" with people all over the place.  I 
was running everything locally at one time.  Since my (FreeBSD) router 
is always up, and my provider keeps the IP the same it worked for me.  
There were some reverse DNS issues where incoming mail from say AOL 
wouldn't make it but for me it was "who cares".  The senders I cared 
about worked.

I since moved mail for my domains to  These guys 
fit my budget ($15/mo), provide a static IP, let me pick FreeBSD as my 
server (vs. OpenBSD or Linux last time I checked; there may be other 
choices now.)  I also get shell access which lets me port forward when 
needed to get around providers (or hotels) that block ports I need.  
Last I checked, there are no bandwidth or other restrictions.  They are 
also very open source friendly.


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