Getting around ISP SMTP firewall settings (Re: Submitting a new port if send-pr is broken)

Bob Richards rrichard at
Tue Nov 27 03:30:11 PST 2007

>To be perfectly clear this isn't really receiving mail.  Your
>configuring a system at or some other mail forwarder to
>receive your mail for you then forward it on to your system using the
>alternative port.

Not what I am doing. I only suggested that to the original poster who
has an inbound port25 restriction. I receive all my important email

>Frankly, unless you processing mail for a lot of people, there is no
>benefit to running your own mailserver, and you really ought to be
>using a client-server model for getting mail, as you are doing.  The
>OP just hasn't realized this yet.

There are very good reasons why one might want to receive mail

I live and work aboard a trawler, I do not always have the same ISP for
connectivity. At the home dock, I have DSL, underway, I have a satellite
link, close to shore while cruising, or anchored,  I have Sprint ....
some marinas offer 80211, etc.... 

My "Important" email, like weather/navigation alerts, family e-mail,
work related email is delivered directly to the on-board server, which
has a, and is kept DNS's properly via dyndns.

All of my outbound email is smart-hosted to another ISP on port 587
Start TLS.

This way, I do not have to have any special access to any particular
ISP to get and send email, it shows up immediately, and I am notified.

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