Am I back? Re: kernel fault trying to add atapicam...

Gary Kline kline at
Mon Nov 26 17:35:47 PST 2007

	Folks (to the whole list, but esp'ly Messes Smith [NL & AU],

	I'll believe that my ISDN link is working when/if I see this
	echoed from the -questions list.  I was busy rebuilding my 6.2
	GENERIC kernel after having added 

	^device		atapicam

	72 hours ago when my feed slowed, then stopped.  It `sputtered'
	a couple times over the next several hours.   By 03:35 I was
	convinced that every thing on my LAN was working perfectly.  
	My ISP said it was my ISDN line; they called the local telco.
	Turned out that the telco would have to "roll a truck".  Which 
	may have already happened since I saw blinking LED's on my router.

	Lest I stray *too* far OT, I'll share the results of my 3rd 
	kernel rebuild on this Dell.   It crapped out; it hung after
	printing out the sio0 line.  I had to powercycle and went in by
	typing "8" (??) and by hand booting /boot/kernel.old.  I tried
	twice more by removing part of the additions to GENERIC.  Same;
	the new kernel still hung.

	Here are the sizes of the new kernel (with atapicam) and 
	the old.

-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  7206901 Nov 23 21:00 kernel
-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  4001279 Apr  9  2007 kernel

	I realize that drivers can require a lot of space, but not
	over 1.2 megs.   Att any rate, the newer kernel hangs.

	I will upgrade to the newest 6.2 and try to get the audio
	toys functioning.   But does anybody know where I fouled up?
	Could it be as simple as Not having done a make clean
	before doing a make buildkernel?  I don't burn // copy audio
	discs that often and haven't ever copied a DVD; I just want these
	new utilities to work.

	Thanks, people,


  Gary Kline  kline at  Public Service Unix

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