stability of FreeBSD 7 Beta 3?

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Mon Nov 26 02:13:53 PST 2007

Tore Lund wrote:
> Ivan Voras wrote:
>> Dave wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>    How stable is FreeBSD 7 Beta 3? Is it near production are their any
>>> outstanding issues?
>> Probably no major bugs will be fixed between now and 7.0 so you might as
>> well start using it now.
>> It's "stable enough" like all .0 releases, meaning you should throughly
>> test it for your own workload before using it in production.
> Just curious, what is the "official" forum for pre-release discussions?
> I notice there are some threads on the "current" list, but it seems to
> me that this is really "questions" stuff, since it is an upcoming release.

It depends. As I see it, current and stable lists are used more by
knowledgeable people who can more accurately pinpoint a problem and
possibly provide a solution, while questions is for "everyone else".
Between current and stable it's a more complex choice. There's no
"7-STABLE" yet but there is RELENG_7 so people tend to post on both in
this intermediate period.

> In any case, I tried the boot-only CD, and I was not able to install any
> packages during the install process.  Sysinstall aborted with Signal 11
> when trying to read INDEX from the ftp site.  Pkg_add from the command
> line seems to work, however, so it looks like I may get online from
> 7.0-BETA3 tomorrow.

I don't know if 7.0-BETA3 has packages on the CD - I think in the past
only release CDs had proper support for on-CD packages.

> Moreover, wasn't there supposed to be a new install program?  I have
> read some promising remarks about it, but it's certainly not part of
> 7.0-BETA3.  Personally, I would much rather type a long list of commands
> than use the old, rickety sysinstall.

Yes there was, and I'm working on it. Unfortunately, late in the
development cycle of 7 (BETA2) there was a bug introduced in the kernel
which collides with my work so far so the development of the installer
is essentially paused until the bug is fixed. More unfortunately, it
looks like the bug will not be fixed for 7.0-RELEASE so there will not
be a new installer for 7.0-RELEASE.

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