stability of FreeBSD 7 Beta 3?

Tore Lund toreld at
Mon Nov 26 03:03:24 PST 2007

Ivan Voras wrote:
> Tore Lund wrote:
>> Moreover, wasn't there supposed to be a new install program?  I have
>> read some promising remarks about it, but it's certainly not part of
>> 7.0-BETA3.  Personally, I would much rather type a long list of commands
>> than use the old, rickety sysinstall.
> Yes there was, and I'm working on it. Unfortunately, late in the
> development cycle of 7 (BETA2) there was a bug introduced in the kernel
> which collides with my work so far so the development of the installer
> is essentially paused until the bug is fixed. More unfortunately, it
> looks like the bug will not be fixed for 7.0-RELEASE so there will not
> be a new installer for 7.0-RELEASE.

Thank you for the effort on the install system.  And thanks to you and
Kris for some answers.

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