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I don't know any soft way to say this.  The man, Hitler, was the most evil 
person that our generation has ever witnessed.  The things he did and what 
was done on his behalf are unspeakable and give him a special place in 
whatever hell you believe in.   As a society, we should distance ourselves 
and shun any imagery that puts any kind of human side to this monster. 
Saying that he loved dogs and was an art afficionado is completely 
irrelevant if you know anything about his actions.

There are far more worthy quotes that can be put into FreeBSD and I don't 
think its debateable.

What really gets me is the fact that this is one of the examples put on the 
FreeBSD page.  I'm all for freedom and libertarian ideals, but for petes' 
sake, have some compassion and understand where your liberty crosses over 
into the pain of someone else's family.  Why didn't they put on that page 
along with "quotes about hitler", "jokes about cancer" and "funny rape 

I don't want to outlaw anything, but have some good taste.  Learn to 
moderate yourselves, this is what "freedom" is all based on, being good to 

I would appreciate if someone would help me find the person who can help to 
modify the text on this page.
I think it can be worded differently and get the point accross without 
giving any extra attention to this monster.

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>I see that as an example of something that might be offensive on the
> surface but we might not want to outlaw just as a matter of course.
> For instance if someone submitted this for the fortune rotation:
> xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Or
> xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Or
> xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I might consider the man to be a maniac but he did utter some truths,
> Should we automatically disqualify them?

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