Basically: why such troubles with KDE audio?

Gary Kline kline at
Thu Nov 22 23:34:34 PST 2007

On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 05:44:21AM +0100, Andreas Davour wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Nov 2007, Gary Kline wrote:

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> >	Suggestions from KDE-land, please?
> As have been mentioned, you don't have to mount a CD to use KsCD to play 
> music.
> Do 'cat /dev/sndstat' to determine if you have more than one sound card. 
> Take note of which you want to use.
> Do 'mixer' in order to see if the volume is set correctly. Mixer man 
> manipulate more than one device if you use the -f flag.
> Now, in KDE I hope you have checked the 'kmix' volumes? Note also that 
> you can right-click on kmix in the task bar and set what channel the 
> master volume is controlling. It wont help you hearing any sound from 
> the CD if the volume slider is controlling the RecMon...
> Hope that gave you some places to look and investigate.

	Thanks for your input, but it was ignorance that KsCD is not for 
	playback  of audio CD's on FBSD.  This from Michael Nottebrook.
	I  got into amarok today--this time I actually read the docs--
	so maybe I'll be able to use amarok to do most of my audio.


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