How do I prevent a port from installing?

David Benfell benfell at
Thu Nov 22 21:37:40 PST 2007

On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 08:09:02 +0330, Bahman Movaqar wrote:
> On 2007-11-22 Robert Huff wrote:
> > 
> > David Benfell writes:
> > 
> > >  Also, in deinstalling jdk, I found that apache-ant relied upon
> > >  it, but I couldn't see what depended on apache-ant.
> > 
> > 	"man pkg_info", paying attention to the 'r' and 'R' options.
> > 
> > >  Is there a workaround for apache-ant?
> > 
> > 	If it's a mandatory dependency - i.e. not installed because of
> > an option - the anxwer is probably "No.".
> > 	You could consult the maintainer for a more authoratative
> > opinion.
> # cat /var/db/pkg/apache-ant-X.Y.Z/+REQUIRED_BY
> Where X, Y and Z are ant versions.  If the file exists, the contents
> show the ports that depend on ant.  If it doesn't exist, it means that
> no other port is dependant on ant.
earth% cat /var/db/pkg/apache-ant-1.7.0_1/+REQUIRED_BY
cat: /var/db/pkg/apache-ant-1.7.0_1/+REQUIRED_BY: No such file or directory

> However, keep in mind that ant is a build (make) tool for Java
> applications.  It is quite possible that there are no applications that
> depend on ant for running and at the same time it is likely that if you
> deinstall ant you won't be able to build (run?) some of your Java
> applications anymore.
Given that I do not feel I can afford to have Java on the system, this
is a sacrifice I feel is necessary.  In the process of updating ports,
apache-ant has already been reinstalled.  I had installed kaffe when I
removed jdk*; but apache-ant now seems to depend on diablo-jdk.

earth% pkg_info -r diablo-jdk-
Information for diablo-jdk-

Depends on:
Dependency: xtrans-1.0.4
Dependency: xproto-7.0.10_1
Dependency: xextproto-7.0.2
Dependency: javavmwrapper-2.3

earth% cat /var/db/pkg/diablo-jdk-

At least I do not yet see java_vm (which seems to have been the culprit
in cases where I was able to get back into the system) yet reappearing.

When I encountered difficulty this morning, I had left both firefox and
an ports upgrade running.  In the past, I had associated the problem with
a java script from Blackboard at the university where I attend and teach,
but in the situation this morning, I had not invoked that script.

So I'm guessing that java_vm had been invoked by apache-ant which previously
depended on jdk* rather than diablo-jdk*.

I am wondering if I have any reason to believe that diablo-jdk is
sufficiently different from jdk to avoid the problem.

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