How do I prevent a port from installing?

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On 2007-11-22 Robert Huff wrote:

> David Benfell writes:
> >  Also, in deinstalling jdk, I found that apache-ant relied upon
> >  it, but I couldn't see what depended on apache-ant.
> 	"man pkg_info", paying attention to the 'r' and 'R' options.
> >  Is there a workaround for apache-ant?
> 	If it's a mandatory dependency - i.e. not installed because of
> an option - the anxwer is probably "No.".
> 	You could consult the maintainer for a more authoratative
> opinion.

# cat /var/db/pkg/apache-ant-X.Y.Z/+REQUIRED_BY
Where X, Y and Z are ant versions.  If the file exists, the contents
show the ports that depend on ant.  If it doesn't exist, it means that
no other port is dependant on ant.

However, keep in mind that ant is a build (make) tool for Java
applications.  It is quite possible that there are no applications that
depend on ant for running and at the same time it is likely that if you
deinstall ant you won't be able to build (run?) some of your Java
applications anymore.

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