firewall is blocking our access

Bill Moran wmoran at
Thu Nov 22 16:22:36 PST 2007

Rodrigo Moura Bittencourt <rodrigob at> wrote:
> Dear Gentlemen,
> We INPE / CPTEC an institution of meteorology government of Brazil, we 
> are having trouble accessing the servers of FreeBSD, we believe that 
> your firewall is blocking our access.

While this is possible, I find it unlikely.

What evidence do you have to show that it's a firewall blocking
communication?  Furthermore, what evidence do you have to show that it's
a firewall under the control of the FreeBSD project.

I (and I'm sure others on this list) will be happy to help, but you're
going to have to provide more details of the problem.  What, exactly,
are you trying to do, and how, exactly, is it failing.  Please provide
exact commands and responses (error messages).

Additionally, the output of "traceroute" from the
problematic server would be helpful.

I've removed various emails from the return message, as there's no reason
to spam them with troubleshooting on the questions mailing list.

Bill Moran

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