RAID1 synchronisation - howto OR not necessary?

Jan Catrysse J.Catrysse at
Thu Nov 22 05:46:51 PST 2007

Dear subscribers,

I am currently running a production server:
Onboard Intel ICH8R Raid 1 with 2x SATA300 500GB HDD
Using ATA for Raid1

On Windows systems it is an absolute must to do a Raid Synchronisation
every once and a while to maintain data consistency.

I am some what disturbed that that kind of command / tool seems not
available on FreeBSD.

Are there other methods to do the synchronisation?
1) Maybe atacontrol detach & atacontrol addspare & atacontrol rebuild?
2) Maybe data consistency is always maintained automatically by the
3) Maybe I have to panic and urgently make backups?

Kind regards,
Jan Catrysse

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