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Mon Nov 19 20:00:58 PST 2007

On Mon, 19 Nov 2007, Jerry McAllister wrote:

> You can tell ports where to install something.  We used to install
> all of Apache in its own directory to make it easy to manipulate
> in a system we were installing in a lot of places.   Check the ports
> doc and such.

Actually, I just tried this.  This is not what I want.  If I go to cd 
/usr/ports/www/apache22, and do a make PREFIX=/some/other/directory, I do 
NOT get the same thing I'd get building apache from source.  I get ALL the 
apache prerequisites installed under /some/other/dir, as opposed to the 
apache standards places (for example config files which would normally be 
in /usr/local/apache/conf now get installed in /some/other/directory/etc 
(the port installs them in /usr/local/etc).  As a bonus, dependent 
packages get added to my package database under the same prefix, which 
shouldn't happen.  (i.e. I want ONLY the apache2.2 stuff in a 
self-contained directory).

And the apache layout is hard coded (the only configure argument to be 

                 --enable-layout=FreeBSD \
                 --with-perl=${PERL5} \
                 --with-port=${WITH_HTTP_PORT} \
                 --with-expat=${LOCALBASE} \
                 --with-iconv=${LOCALBASE} \

In short, not at all the same.  Plus, doesn't solve the issue.  I have all 
the necessary binaries I need to build apache, it simply outright refuses 
to build (and also, the APR version in ports is badly broken, nearly a 
year old, and the APR maintainer can't even commit changes without making 
a PR).

Also, this may seem silly as heck, but it should definitely be POSSIBLE to 
build apache outside of the port (so, again, I feel "use the port" is not 
the right answer...there's a deeper problem here).

I mean, obviously if they've got a standard layout defined in the apache 
tree, the apache people expect the code to build on this OS (otherwise if 
the ports-patches are so necessary, we would just define the layout there 



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