FreeBSD router and WCCP

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Mon Nov 19 05:58:48 PST 2007

Andrew Pantyukhin wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 16, 2007 at 12:48:52PM -0500, Steve Bertrand wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a way to configure WCCP redirect support into a
>> FreeBSD based router without having to install squid?
> I've only used FreeBSD as a WCCPv1/v2 sink (receiver), but you
> can try sending out packets out of gre(4). That should probably
> work.
> If you're trying to redirect traffic to another machine running
> squid, consider avoiding WCCP, it's not a very bright protocol.j

Thanks for the response.

We are deploying a commercial appliance as a content filter, so I can
only assume that it is running a customized version of Squid but I don't

Do you have any recommendation on what I should use if WCCP is not

The filter will not be inline, and it will be an opt-in type service, so
only certain traffic will need to be redirected.



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