portmanager and apache2.0

Gerard gerard at seibercom.net
Fri Nov 16 03:02:20 PST 2007

> On November 15, 2007 at 10:54PM Noah wrote:

> > Gerard wrote:
> >> On November 15, 2007 at 06:54PM Noah wrote:
> > 
> >> access1# grep apache pm-020.conf
> >> IGNORE|www/apache13*|
> >> IGNORE|www/apache13|
> >> IGNORE|www/apache13-*|
> >> IGNORE|www/apache13*-*|
> >> IGNORE|www/apache-1.3*|
> >> IGNORE|www/apache20|
> >> IGNORE|www/apache20*|
> >> IGNORE|www/apache21|
> >> IGNORE|www/apache21*|
> >> access1# pkg_info | grep portmana
> >> portmanager-0.4.1_9 FreeBSD installed ports status and safe update utility
> >> access1#
> >>
> >> How can I figure out why it is getting built?
> > 
> >  Make sure you only have apache-2.2.x installed, check the portmanager.log
> > file and see if another program is trying to build apache as a dependency.

> I could not find anything in the portmanager.log
> how can I make sure it is ignored in the portmanager configuratino file 
> to make sure it is not built at all?
> is there any other way to figure out what has a dependency to install it?

Please don't top post. If you don't know what that means, Google for it.

Now, could you please post the portmanager log. You need only post the
sections that directly relate to Apache.


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