Configuring boot0 to boot from the second drive

Timothy Knox tknox at
Thu Nov 15 16:48:11 PST 2007

I have a very old FreeBSD box (3.3). It has three disks installed. When boot0
comes up, I get the usual "F1 for this disk, F5 for the next drive".

Every time it reboots, I always have to do F5 then F1 to boot the correct drive.
Unfortunately, this makes automatic restarts in the event of a power hiccough
(an all too common occurrence around here) not restart correctly. Is there some
way I can *persuade* boot0 to always go to the second drive, first bootable
section? If so, please enlighten me, I pray. Thank you, very much. :-)

Timothy Knox <mailto:tknox at>
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