One Laptop Per Child

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Mon Nov 12 11:08:01 PST 2007

Olivier Nicole wrote:
>> I am usually not the one to bring up these things but I feel very
>> strongly about this. Starting Monday, November 12 this website is
>> offering a give one get one deal. I believe the money will be well
>> invested. YMMV
> That is a difficult issue, while this is an opportunity, I doubt this
> is the most needed thing to provide education. We are talking giving
> laptop to people who do not even have electricity in some cases...

You ought to actually _visit_ one or more of the schools that have 
practical computers for the kids.  At least in my own experience, well, 
it's very disillusioning.  The teachers have only a vague notion about 
what a compuiter is, so basically the students are given some  games to 
waste their time with, and graded on how quiet they are while playing. 
The teachers themselves are usually actually frightened of the machines, 
  so they react negatively to anyone who volunteers to teach computers.

I wish it wasn't this way.  Maybe it's just in the schools I visited? 
If so, anyone have a better experience?  Until I hear of some, I won't 
contribute to any "computers for kids" deal, because  it only benefits 
big computer companies, who sell the machines, not the kids.

> Olivier
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