OT: Looking for some inpiration with UPS setup

Per olof Ljungmark peo at intersonic.se
Sat Nov 10 14:34:19 PST 2007

Christopher Key wrote:
> NetOpsCenter wrote:
>> Christopher Key wrote:
>>> I've a FreeBSD fileserver, a solid state router (Linksys box running 
>>> OpenWRT) and a couple of gigabit switches that I'd like to move onto 
>>> a UPS (I'm primarily looking at the APC Smart-UPS line).
>> I have a similar setup in my noc shed.
>> I got 2 old APC  units that a client had replaced and attached a 120 
>> AMP stationery batteries  to them. They will power the switch,  3 
>> servers  and  KVM switches and a monitor for 6 hours uninterrupted.
>> It's not pretty to look at but is stable and does the job nicely.
> I'm rather pressed for space, this gear is in a tiny cupboard also 
> storing the traditional contents of a utility room and garage.  I'd 
> manged to allow myself 1 shelf, 30cm x 50cm x 20cm for the UPS gear.  
> That might just be enough space to squeeze in a UPS and a 120Ah SLA 
> battery, which would keep both up for at least 6h, hopefully enough to 
> span most outages.  For outages longer than that, I'd probably not mind 
> losing my DHCP leases anyway.  Are there any specific requirements for 
> the attached batteries, or will any 12V SLA battery suffice?  It's just 
> a shame that no UPS units offer a WOL option for waking up attached 
> equipment.

Hi, I wonder why it is such a big deal to keep the leases? Why not 
asssign static IP's to everything instead if it is a small setup? Just 


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