OT: Looking for some inpiration with UPS setup

Christopher Key cjk32 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Nov 10 12:57:49 PST 2007

NetOpsCenter wrote:
> Christopher Key wrote:
>> I've a FreeBSD fileserver, a solid state router (Linksys box running 
>> OpenWRT) and a couple of gigabit switches that I'd like to move onto 
>> a UPS (I'm primarily looking at the APC Smart-UPS line).
> I have a similar setup in my noc shed.
> I got 2 old APC  units that a client had replaced and attached a 120 
> AMP stationery batteries  to them. They will power the switch,  3 
> servers  and  KVM switches and a monitor for 6 hours uninterrupted.
> It's not pretty to look at but is stable and does the job nicely.

I'm rather pressed for space, this gear is in a tiny cupboard also 
storing the traditional contents of a utility room and garage.  I'd 
manged to allow myself 1 shelf, 30cm x 50cm x 20cm for the UPS gear.  
That might just be enough space to squeeze in a UPS and a 120Ah SLA 
battery, which would keep both up for at least 6h, hopefully enough to 
span most outages.  For outages longer than that, I'd probably not mind 
losing my DHCP leases anyway.  Are there any specific requirements for 
the attached batteries, or will any 12V SLA battery suffice?  It's just 
a shame that no UPS units offer a WOL option for waking up attached 



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