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James jamesh at
Thu Nov 8 06:58:07 PST 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 15:46 -0800, Marc Fromm wrote:
> Hi James,
> Thanks for the extra tip on checking for installed packages.

Here's another tip: use reply all, not reply. That way, we keep the
whole list informed, which is a good thing :)

> I browsed the ftp site and found a firefox2. The default is firefox
> which is the 1.5 version.
> I ran the following:
> sudo pkg_add -r firefox2
> Fetching
> Done.
> pkg_info -Ix firefox reports this:
> firefox-2.0.r2,1    Web browser based on the browser portion of
> Mozilla
> When I go into the KDE GUI to kmenu _ internet _ and click on the
> newly created fierefox icon, nothing happens.
> Firefox does not start.

Have you restarted your X session? The shortcuts sometimes need to be
told what's going on, that things are updated.

You can either reboot your computer, or use ctrl-alt-backspace to
restart your x session.

Or you can use your command line! Start a terminal, type "which firefox"
and you should get the path to firefox, probably:


Now type "firefox &"

And leave the terminal open. Firefox should start. If it doesn't, follow
the old phrase "When in doubt, reboot." I know it's not nice to be told
to treat a FreeBSD box like a windows box that way, but until you get
some more experience fooling around with the system and restarting
things properly, it's the simplest way to make sure things get started

> I do not know what shell I am using. I ssh into the box with Putty. I
> installed FreeBSD from the 6.2-RELEASE-i386 iso.

echo $SHELL will tell you what shell you're using.

Just to make sure I've got the right picture in my head:

you've got a FreeBSD box that you're sitting at, which you've managed to
install FreeBSD, gnome||kde, all that stuff correctly, but something's
missing when it comes to starting firefox, right? You're not sshing into
the box and using x-forwarding, you're physically sitting there, yeah?

One last tip: this list has a pretty strong "Don't top post" mob in it.
If you bottom post only, then when someone else wants to help you, it's
easier for them to get up to speed. Bottom post FTW!

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