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Si Thu sithu at
Thu Nov 8 07:02:26 PST 2007

Dear freeBSD,


I am running FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE on my staging server and having one problem
about FFmpeg.

I have read a lot of documentation and google on the web to get the solution
for how to customize installation for ffmpeg utility. Normally, freeBSD
provides s lot of packages and ports that can be covered the average


On my server, I have installed ffmpeg from the provided port with the
command "make install clean". After installation, I am able to encode the
input files from some location of server such "usr/local/bin" and cannot
implement with PHP(I used exec() command). FFmpeg-php is a object oriented
API for PHP and ffmpeg implementation. I was not able to install that API on


And there are some other configuration such "--enable-shared --enable-gpl"
and other libraries they can use in ffmpeg by configuration with ./configure
command. But I was not able to find how to configure before install ffmpeg.
If you would be able to give me a solution that would be great. I will
really appreciate.



Looking forward to get an answer


kind regards,



sithu at

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