ipfw rule question ... all possible interfaces ?

Juri Mianovich juri_mian at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 4 16:10:27 PST 2007

Is there a way to tell ipfw:

"all interfaces currently configured on this system" ?

I have a laptop and at any time I could plug in a USB
NIC or plug in a pccard, in addition to the onboard
LAN and WIFI, either of which may or may not be
configured at boot time.

So the point is, the active, configured interfaces
changes regularly.

So if I have a rule like:

allow ip from any to any via iwi0

that won't work well, and neither will:

allow ip from any to any via iwi0,abc0

So is there any way to say "all interfaces currently
configured" and have that rule apply to new interfaces
automatically as they are added and subtracted from
the system ?

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