Rob Hancock rwh.mailbox at
Thu Nov 1 02:06:06 PDT 2007

I'm hoping some of you can help me out a bit with this...I'm trying  
to setup remote access of my laptop at work via SSH tunnels between a  
FreeBSD box at the office and my FreeBSD firewall at home.

XP Laptop (work) <-> FreeBSD (work) <-> FreeBSD (home) <-> Mac (home)  
or Mac (remote)

I understand that I need to set up a reverse SSH tunnel from FBSD  
(work) to FBSD (home).  It's the tying in of the XP box and my Mac to  
either end that I'm having troubles with.  Should those connections  
also be done via SSH tunnels or should I use port redirection on the  
FSBD boxes via ipfilter or an equivalent?

Then end goal is to be able to use VNC on either my home Mac or with  
my Mac laptop remotely to control my XP laptop I'll leave at work.

Any suggestions would be helpful.  A general Idea of how everything  
should interact is basically what I'm looking for.  I'll figure it  
out by trial and error once I have a rough plan.


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