FreeBSD X11/GNOME/KDM issue

Joseph Marah marahkeh at
Sat Mar 31 15:48:06 UTC 2007

Hi Andriy, I finally got in.  At first I tried single user mode but had no editing permissions.  Then I noticed that I had only thr root slice mounted.  So I found out how to mount the rest of the file system(mount -a) and did that.  Then I used the logon command to logon as root.  Then I made the necessary changes.
  Thanks for your suggestion, I will sure try it.

Andriy Babiy <ABabiy at> wrote:
  > Hi KK, thanks.  I have tried ctrl+ald+bspace but got a black screen for
> a split sec abd got right back to KDM login.  Also tried ctrl+f1,
> ctrl+f1 etc but go nowhere.   
>   I can get in single user mode but no edit previleges as I am not root.
>  still trying different things.  hanks tho.

Hi. You may want to try sysinstall -> Fixit, then fix the problem in the 


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