Help Finding Disk Drive Usage

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Fri Mar 30 16:11:35 UTC 2007

On 3/30/2007 8:28 AM Josh Carroll said the following:

>> So why does du report only 2.0 GB of usage while df reports over 6 GB?
>> Where has my storage gone?  Or do I not understand proper usage of du?
> If you removed files that still had open file handles (e.g. from
> /var/log), they are likely still allocated and showing up in df, but
> not du since they're not on the filesystem anymore. Restart any
> daemons that you removed log files for, and the space will "show up".
> Or a simple reboot should fix things.

Thanks for your reply.  It appears that I had pf do some NAT logging to 
/var/log/alias.log.  Although I deleted that file, I had not restarted 
pf.  A 'pfctl -d' followed with a 'pfctl -e' and a little time seems to 
have restored my disk space according to df..

blacksheep# df -h
Filesystem          Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/da0s1a         721M     98M    565M    15%    /
devfs               1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /dev
/dev/stripe/user    6.4G    2.0G    3.9G    34%    /usr
devfs               1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /usr/var/named/dev



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