HP OJ5610 and Cups and Samba and Vista

Gerry Freymann lists at interpool.ca
Fri Mar 30 15:58:38 UTC 2007

Just when I think I've finally got things working...

I updated my ports and installed the latest Samba, and I can now use
smbclient to list the shares on my Vista box.

I wasn't having any luck printing from my FreeBSD 6.2 box with LPD and
APSFILTER to the Vista computer. The print queue on the Vista machine
that has the HP OfficeJet 5610 connected to it would just read "print
error" on each job.

So today I thought I would give CUPS a try. I killed the lpd process,
fired up CUPS (/usr/local/etc/rc.d/cupsd start) and went to the admin
panel with my web browser (http://localhost:631).

I added a new printer. Didnt' see anything about using Samba. Back to the
web, read some more, do this:

	To configure CUPS for SAMBA, run the following command:

	on FreeBSD 6.2:
	ln -s `which smbspool` /usr/local/libexec/cups/backend/smb

Now when I go to add a new printer, I see Samba in the selection and use
this in the printer uri:


Somewhere along the line I must have installed the hplip package as when
I saw errors in /var/log/messages I removed it, but then the next step
failed, so I put it back and this is where I stand....

I add the printer to CUPS. It lets me select an HP OF5600 specifically
from the list. Neat. 

Then I print the "test page" and everything appears to be working. My
Vista box wakes up and I see in the print spool queue that the job has
been accepted and it's printing! but it gets to 64.0KB/768KB and just
sits there. The printer says "Printing..." but the green ON light is
blinking. The Vista computer just says Printing, but everything has
stopped. I do see a "Error processing command" near the bottom right
corner of the print queue box on Vista...

I was sooooooo close too! 

Who would have thought printing to a remote printer could be such a hard
ship. Any ideas? suggestions?

I guess I'm stuck saving everything to my disk and then loading the file
into my text editor on the Vista box and printing. What a shame.


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