FreeBSD X11/GNOME/KDM issue

Christian Walther cptsalek at
Fri Mar 30 12:27:43 UTC 2007

On 30/03/07, Joseph Marah <marahkeh at> wrote:
> Hi KK, thanks.  I have tried ctrl+ald+bspace but got a black screen for a split sec abd got right back to KDM login.

ALT+CTRL+Backspace shuts down the X Server the hard way. A Desktop
Manager (KDM, GDM, XDM) is supposed to restart after a session is
ended, which means that the login screen comes back...

>Also tried ctrl+f1, ctrl+f1 etc but go nowhere.

Yepp, but if you try ALT+CTRL+Fx (where 1 >= x <= 8) you'll get a
console login screen. Here you'll be able to login as root.

>   I can get in single user mode but no edit previleges as I am not root.  still trying different things.  hanks tho.

Nope, you're root if you boot into single user mode. But / is mounted
readonly, only. If you boot into single user mode the savest thing to
do is:

fsck -p
mount / -o rw
mount -a

fsck will first check your file systems so that you don't operate on a
dirty FS, e.g. after a crash. If you rebooted into Single User mode
and there was no crash before, you can skip this step.
mount / -o rw remounts the root filesystem read/writable.
mount -a mounts every fs listed in /etc/fstab (that doesn't has
"noauto" set as an option).
Make sure you'll do a

umount -a
mount / -o ro

before you reboot, otherwise your file systems will be fscked.

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