Westell USB network adapter

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Tue Mar 27 05:40:39 UTC 2007

First of all, I work for an ISP.  I can assure you that anything that
ActionTec makes is unmitigated garbage.  Only use it if you
absolutely must, and have it do as little as possible.  If you can
put it into bridged mode so that the NAT/routing functionality
can be done by something behind it, your years ahead.

Also, using USB for network connections is idiotic.  Go Ethernet
from the FIOS stuff to a wireless router.

I sometimes worry since the ISP I work at offers DSL in the
FIOS area and Verizon FIOS directly competes with us.  Then
I read posts like this that say what the Verizon techs are telling
customers and I realize I have nothing to worry about.


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> Having gotten sick of my cable company, I am
> considering switching to Verizon FIOS. They want to
> install a Actiontec Router Model MI424-WR. They
> recommend the Westell USB network adapter. Does anyone
> have any experience with that unit and FBSD. I can use
> any adapter I want as long as it works with their
> router. I can use a hard wired system; however, if I
> can get the wireless system working correctly, I would
> rather do it that way. There are three computers on
> this network, two WinXP and one FBSD-6.2 system.
> Thanks!
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